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THIS IS Extra-terrestrial, NOT MASONIC!

This is Extra-terrestrial, not Masonic:
This is a snapshot from the full version on YouTube. (Someone recorded the ad from the television.)
There are several Extra-terrestrial style occult symbols shown in this seemingly innocent advertisement for high-speed internet. The most obvious is the reversed pentagram. Notice it is a Pentacle (Pantacle), which is a pentacle in a circle (in this case, surrounded by not 1, but 3 circles!).
The second most obvious trigger is the occult hand position of the salesman. At first glance this could be a triangle, but in actuality it appears to be a vesica pisces (a vagina shape). Notice the hands are almost centered over the "tie", a male phallic symbol with a "tie" meaning an inter-dimensional "knot" (a cluster, called a 'stress' of inter-dimensional energies to create a particular reality). So this ad is activating what is called Sex Magick (the use of spiritual polarity forces). Also note the hands are held at 3rd Chakra level; so the mind control is being embedded into your Thought-Form Habits.
Additionally, this snapshot shows the word PLAY, which is a command to the subliminal mind (soul) to record the covert programming into memory . . . with the proverbial number 5 as the main number trigger. (The number of the 5 physical senses--the Microcosm of consciousness.)
We also have the "link" in CenturyLink that refers to "linking" subliminal associations in memory. Not to mention the 'like' of the number 5; an obvious link to on Facebook. And we have the number one subliminal trigger, a hand, which is THE HERMIT Tarot card (curled into a fist in B.O.T.A. symbology), or THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE (which represents Atavistic Resurgence to lower levels of consciousness). Note the counterclockwise (widdershin, which is obviously a Hebrew letter, not Wiccan!, due to the letter Shin) rotation of 'circumstance.'And lastly, we have the 'back' of the heads emphasized . . . the official meaning of the Hebrew letter Qoph, Key #18 in the Tarot deck; THE MOON. This card represents the back of the skull that contains the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata.

Remember!, Jesus was crucified on Golgotha; meaning "skull".


Ghouls, Ghosts and Street Zombies:
In this snapshot we have the proverbial baseball cap! The word 'base' is also used in the 1956 version of The Ten Commandments: Your subliminal mind will, if you've ever seen the movie, be using this symbol in your dreams at night. It was programmed in when you innocently watched the movie so that throughout your lifetime advertisements and additional Hollywood movies will trigger into the 'base' level of your subconscious. You will know this by following the symbols in your dreams; basements, caves, underground buildings, and baseball caps (especially as 'Water' faucet handles!) are typically used by the subconscious mind for depiction. The abstract level of the subconscious communicates in PICTURES. Especially moving pictures. . . . The elderly man is conducting a standard hand mudra in Yoga, but it is here combined with 'linkage' to undesirable concepts. Notice the so-called customers of CenturyLink!

CenturyLink apparently has customers who look like ghouls (note the male seated in the front with the old-fashioned style of clothing); and behind him is what could be described as a street zombie. Behind the street zombie is a female who's essentially a ghost . . . and on the far right we have a man with his eyes closed who could perhaps be drugged up. Most likely the large man directly behind the drugged man is a "shadow" of him, only with a 'white' aspect (purified), meaning a specific subtle body that has been raised to a high spiritual level unbeknownst to the unsuspecting viewer (symbolized by wine/Bacchus/The God of Wine, and so on).

The number 6 is Tiphareth in the Kabbalah; so this advertisement is programming into the Christ level of consciousness. The elderly man's sweater is also a 'v' neck. And lastly, note the "bars" as though the room is a cell--of course!, the prison of the mind!

A pentagram (the reversal most likely meaning 'Water', the stream of consciousness that gives us memory/Mem/THE HANGED MAN) activates the 5 physical senses that give us the panoply of our daily memory; that is then split into a normal life (the young salesman with regular people as customers), and an abnormal life (represented by the elderly man who has ghouls, ghosts, street zombies, and druggies as customers). Note the DUALITY here. And which category will YOU end up in if you're not educated about Extra-terrestrial Mind Control?
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Grand Master Gerhardt Describes



The Sound Gun


The Shock Box

Grand Master Gerhardt was at her Egyptian Booth at the Fantastic Indoor SwapSmart on 1/27/12 when an ex-navy seals military man passed by. Stopping to chitchat, the man began discussing military subjects, and eventually G.M.G. mentioned she'd experienced, several years previously, the impact of two gadgets she classified as probable psychotronic weapons. The man, whom she later determined was Extra-terrestrial, asked her to describe the weapons, and so she gave the following account:

1) The Sound Gun:

Grand Master Gerhardt had exited her apartment to walk to the bus stop nearby. As she neared the main cross street, several cars pulled up to turn down the street upon which she was walking. A vehicle pulled up as the next to turn, halted, and the driver (a female) looked directly at G.M.G. as she held up a strange-looking device that consisted of a 'horn' and handle (her hand grasped around the handle). As G.M.G. walked towards the main cross street, the woman pointed the 'horn' gadget in her direction, just inside her open vehicle window (not out of the window)--and G.M.G. experienced wave upon wave of what she describes as 'inter-dimensional' RF (radio frequency) force. The 'force' could not be seen; but it seemed to be round, hitting precisely at the center of her chest (what's called the Heart Chakra in spirituality). The waves continued as she walked, inducing immense fear, which she controlled through her rational mind as best as possible.

After the woman shot several of these 'waves' of force at Grand Master Gerhardt, she lowered the gadget, then completed her turn, driving away.

2) The Shock Box:

Grand Master Gerhardt was riding on a city bus on 3/2/09 when she noticed a fine-looking young man seated in front of her in the opposite aisle. He appeared to be extremely interested in G.M.G., who was writing notes in the book she was reading, which happened to be: Mysteries of the Bible, Their Success Secrets for You, based on the philosophy of Dr. Emmet Fox.

Noticing the young man's tattoos on his left inside forearm, G.M.G. recognized they were occult/Extra-terrestrial, and began to draw the tattoo symbols in her book. There were 7 symbols, all total, each depicting a Chakra up the spine.


Listen Now:

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Clay Vandament in the KFNX 'Talk Room'

Clay Vandament checks in to 'Mastery of the Mind' to report how he's doing with the Image and Business Make-Over he's been working on since 11 August using Grand Master Gerhardt's 'Ancient Wisdom.'




Mr. Vandament recounts how he USED to go on ice cream binges for 3 days (eating 1 gallon of ice cream per day!)--but has only experienced 1 binge since he began Grand Master Gerhardt's program!  And during that 1 binge, Mr. Vandament only eat 2 pints of ice cream. . . .

Although Mr. Vandament has not lost as much weight as he wished, 12.5 out of the desired 30 lbs., he is going to the gym 4-5 times a week, cooks most of his meals at home . . . and makes his bed 'every other day.'

Mr. Vandament has a NEW 'Spiritual Affirmation' to increase his Spiritual Integrity--meaning, he shall now work to increase his Subliminal Mind taking overt direction from the Rational Mind. In this manner, all binging and activities that do not conform to his conscious desires shall be eliminated--and only choices that conform to his conscious goals shall be pursued emotionally, and out-pictured as his reality.



Puddy was Grand Master Gerhardt's favorite cat . . . and she began to take him with her to visit a Yaqui Indian in the town of Guadalupe years ago. Initially thrilled with Puddy, the Yaqui Indian (who called himself Juan Matus) made a big fuss about him, and so G.M.G. took him on visits several times. Juna's 'wife', however, came in her Astral Body one night while G.M.G. was sleeping, to emphatically give the message never to bring the cat back to their store in Guadalupe--and with good reason! Juan and his 'wife' had a 7 year-old daughter, and it was around that time Puddy began to 'hunt' G.M.G., shredding her legs to bloody ribbons!

Listen to tonight's episode to hear how Grand Master Gerhardt inadvertently 'broke' the spell the old Yaqui had placed on Puddy. . . .


G.M.G.'s Drawing of the Yaqui Indian "Brujo"

Listen Now:

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Grand Master Gerhardt had invited one of the booth vendors from The Fantastic Indoor SwapSmart to be a guest on 'Mastery of the Mind' last week, Mr. Richard Des Londe. Having gone to Mr. Des Londe's booth the weekend previous to the show, she took a brief interest in the products he had for sale; specifically, spy gadgets. Seeing a black and gold writing pen, G.M.G. thought nothing of it as she cheerily chitchatted with Mr. Des Londe. . . .

Richard Des Londe SENT PHOTOGRPAH On:

Monday, Oct. 15th 2012


Receiving the above photograph from Mr. Des Londe, Grand Master Gerhardt immediately recognized the standard 'Mind Control' props used by Extra-terrestrials! The flowers (plant) in the background are typical, as flowers are used to represent not only the seven major Chakras, but als0 the "flow-ur" of the force or energy that is to be emitted through the Chakras (due to the Mind Control). Also, the use of a 'plant' is a subliminal cue to 'plant' a program in the soil of the Subconscious Mind. There can even be more possible meanings, as G.M.G. is not privy to all of the 'Mind Control' triggers of Extra-terrestrials. . . .

The tie contains an unusual design; possibly leaves, while the tips of the collar give, to Grand Master Gerhardt, a psychic impression of "vampire fangs." Now take a good look at the eyes! This is not an innocent little photograph. It is a detailed piece of subliminal Mind Control.

Grand Master Gerhardt ultimately decided, however, not to make any definite decisions about whether Mr. Des Londe is indeed Extra-terrestrial, or not--as he had appeared quite human in his demeanor and conversation when she'd visited his booth.


Tuesday, Oct. 16th 2012

On the night of Tuesday, October 16th, Grand Master Gerhardt  experienced a dream that included the 'Spy Pen' from Mr. Des Londe's sales case! This was a warning bell! Mr. Des Londe was now, with the occurrence of two standard ET dynamics, very likely an Extra-terrestrial. . . .  Subliminal 'Mind Control' symbols and messages can be implanted into the dream level of consciousness--which is exactly what happened to G.M.G., which is why she dreampt about the 'Spy Pen' gadget.


Mr. Des Londe used the following portion of his e-mailed blurb to 'set' the subliminal triggers he later activated during the 'Meeting' (an hr. before the radio show on Oct. 17th). The words in blue are Grand Master Gerhardt's brief analysis of the occult meaning of the seemingly innocuous trigger words in the blurb. Mr. Des Londe wrote about himself:

I have a Military (Mil=million/Atziluth in the Kabbalah/war/separation) background . . . one (he's unified the victim with the 'war/separation' of the Military cue) I am not at liberty (this Thought-Form now has 'free path' to manifest as the victim's Reality) to discuss. An extensive education (he wants to denounce the victim's "education" & implant a new education from subliminal mind programming) in various disciplines from Electronic Engineering (electricity is occult reference to the Central Nervous System) to political Science, anthropology, Religion (Good vs. Evil doctrine), World History (THE WORLD Tarot Card #21/memory banks) etc. But I do confess I have become dismayed at the educational system in America, and so I do not promote the educational system like I used to when having a bachelor's (a lack of inner union . . . so he’s splitting consciousness) Degree (John Dee/Enochian Magick/demons/note the capital letter 'D') meant something. I have read more than five (pentagram) thousand (Briah in the Kabbalah) books (the subliminal symbol for the specific programming "story" he's embedded/plans to embed into the Soul).

I have the equivalent of a PhD. But will not go for the sheep skin (deception) on that one (unity with deception). I have written a few books that have not been published on Metaphysics and self-help, and one on the atrocities of molestation (sex) called "Hidden Demons" ('hidden' refers to Delta level consciousness/demons are simply en-souled  Thought-Forms, but the word 'demon' classifies this programming as religious Good vs. Evil, which terrifies and tortures the Soul at inner levels). A book I would like to see become a movie (link to the massive Mind Control programming in Hollywood movies/moving pictures at the forehead and frontal lobe, ostensibly to cause insanity, which he refers to during the 'Meeting' and which G.M.G. made note of on his flier)!


Wednesday, Oct. 17th 2012

Mr. Des Londe came an hour early to the KFNX radio station to review with Grand Master Gerhardt the details of the topics to be discussed. During the review, Mr. Des Londe presented SO MANY occult 'Mind Control' trigger words and 'stories' that ALL doubt was erased as to his being an Extra-terrestrial!  Recall the subliminal programming already 'set up' from the blurb excerpt above.

Below are the drawings Mr. Des Londe drew during the meeting as visual cues with which to subliminally program Grand Master Gerhardt:


Mr. Des Londe remarked how the word Satan and Santa are the exact same words, only the letters being juxtaposed differently. He then drew the FOLLOWING drawing to depict how Satan and Santa are attributes of the right and left hemispheres of the brain/Mind!


In this particular subliminal program Mr. Des Londe is attempting to 'Evilize' the left hemisphere of the brain (the Linear/Logical level of consciousness), while 'Good-izing' the right side (Abstract/Emotional mind)--but remember, he also claimed there's NO DIFFERENCE between the word Santa and Satan! This is an outstanding example of Extra-terrestrial mind gaming. There is an overt play on typical religious Good vs. Evil doctrine, along with a total "Evil-izing" implication (since Santa and Satan are identical). This means that anything in the Subliminal Soul that is "Good" would be switched to "Evil."  The esoteric truth is that "Evil" is situation specific! Thus, it is quite easy to manipulate a victim's Reality by changing definitions of "Good" and "Evil" in the Subconscious Mind.


The drawing has several more details that stamp it as 'Mind Control.' Notice the eyes are drawn in such a manner that the right eye (Santa) has a ROUND eye (The Sun), and the left eye is a HALF MOON (Satan), The Moon. This is to switch the spiritual functioning of the Higher Self that is funneled down through the Crown Chakra into the physical brain. In other words, his intention is to make Abstract the left (Logical) aspect of the Evolutionary Personality, while making the actual 'Abstract Mind' more Logical.

Now notice the Santa 'hat' has a bend in it . . . and actually looks quite similar to the horn (Satan)--and without the 'ball' at the top, it would essentially be a horn (notice they BOTH lean to the left!)! The ultimate impression of this drawing, since the difference between San-ta and Sat-an are just the positioning of the letters--is that Santa and Satan are identical. . . .  Thus, the entire Higher aspect of our consciousness (that functions through the hard drive of the brain) is defined as "Evil"--and if someone is "Evil" he or she must be punished, tortured, rejected. This is how our Subliminal Mind (that which carries the 'computer programs' of Memory) is programmed to create horrible experiences as our Reality--in complete contrast to what we rationally desire. . . .


Asking Mr. Des Londe which 'horn' is which hemisphere of the brain/Mind . . . he wrote Rt for right, and Left for left; then he wrote Creative on the right side, and Logic on the left. What a stupendous gem of occult information!  Every single occult book that exists refers to the "Creative" aspect of consciousness--but only the ECKANKAR spiritual material gives a formal definition (creative = instincts), so now we have a specific definition we may relate to in psychology (the Abstract Mind represented by the right hemisphere of the brain/Mind).

Can you further determine what is wrong with this drawing?

There is one more detail that's monumental, and it has to do with the words Creative and Logic.  See if you can guess what it is!

Testimony of Vendor Lady at SwapSmart:


The writing above is the testimony of the woman who came on Saturday, Oct. 20th, to tell Grand Master Gerhardt of Mr. Des Londe's intense conversation about "Grand Master Gerhardt" and her radio show, 'Mastery of the Mind.' From that topic he apparently segwayed the conversation to "ranting" about "Friendship" and "Facebook." Listen to the show tonight to hear how Facebook ties in with Mr. Des Londe's extreme "duality" story of his mother--a mother he claimed was 5 times more "protective" than a normal mother! (In his "protective mother" story, his mother is arrested by the police. This is how the "police" are implanted/magnetized into a victim's consciousness for entanglement in legal problems.)

The Reverse Side of Mr. Des Londe's Flier From His "Spy Gadget" Booth:


This is a copy of Mr. Des Londe's flier from his booth. Grand Master Gerhardt was so appalled with the trigger words he was using during the meeting an hr. before last week's show, that she began to jot down the specific subliminal programs he used. Mr. Des Londe was so nervous with Grand Master Gerhardt's taking notes, that when she exited the talk room at the radio station to go to the bathroom--he pilfered the flier, and was reading the notes she'd written when she returned to the talk room! Mr. Des Londe obviously wanted to find out WHAT G.M.G. was writing on his flier!


Christmas (which included Mr. Des Londe's badgering of G.M.G. to denounce her formal education as worthless).

Sunglasses (is a reference to The Sun aspect of consciousness).

Contact Six (is a reference to Tiphareth, the number 6, in the Kabbalistic 'Tree of Life'. . . so the programming of Mr. Des Londe goes into the Christ level of consciousness. And the word contact is to make "contact" with that level of consciousness).


"Hidden Demons": was the title of the "book" Mr. Des Londe intended to program into G.M.G.'s subconscious; (The Tora of THE HIGH PRIESTESS Tarot Card) represents the "book" that was intended to be written by G.M.G.'s inner levels with the Black & Gold WRITING PEN implanted into G.M.G.'s dreams from Mr. Des Londe's booth! Note, Grand Master Gerhardt was already aware of the implantation of the Black & Gold WRITING PEN into her dreams--so she knew what words and concepts were subliminal triggers during the conversation!

"God (The Father) disciplines his children, feeds his children, protects his children": This statement of Mr. Des Londe's was an access to The Sun (masculine) aspect of consciousness . . . the "feeding" meaning inter-dimensional "force," and the "protecting" a standard trigger to activate the survival-based sympathetic nervous system. . . .  Notice he later launched into a mother "protection" story--so he first  accessed Adam to program Eve! (There's always 2 females as represented by Abraham, Sarah, & Hagar . . . poor little Eve being a product of the consciousness of Adam as "rib" means "bone"--which is simply a Thought-form of Structure upon which our Reality is created).

"A Mother protects her children, but Mr. Des Londe's mother protected him 5 times more than a normal mother": The cue here is the number 5, along with the "protection" program that activates survival-oriented body reflexes and reactions (the sympathetic nervous system). . . .

"You fucking whore": This is what Mr. Des Londe claimed his mother said to the nun from his Catholic school after she marked his face! Listen to the full episode to hear his ludicrous "programming" story!

Mr. Des Londe's girlfriend, Jackie, started surfacing her molestation and drug experiences from her memory, and she "lost it" (went insane), and Dr. Richard Boylan (from last week's show) claimed she was "one sick puppy": This is the "insanity" program many Americans are being implanted with. The word "one" was used to place Grand Master Gerhardt's consciousness "at one" (unity) with the subliminal program of "Insanity." The word puppy would refer to Dog, which is God spelled backwards--so all of this was intended to be programmed into G.M.G.'s "God" level of consciousness without her knowing!

"As Within, So Without stuff": Mr. Des Londe refused to divulge his spiritual affiliations, saying he's read Emmet Fox, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thoreau, Ayn Rand, etc.--but none of these authors (despite various of them being of the Metaphysical inclination) were sufficiently steeped in occultism to warrant the power Mr. Des Londe was wielding! The moment he referred to "As Within, So Without" (stuff, as he called it . . . which will show up in a victim's dreams as "clutter")--G.M.G. knew he is indeed an occultist! An Extra-terrestrial occultist from the style of his photograph. . . .

Listen to tonight's show!

Listen Now:

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Richard Des Londes

Richard Des Londes has a Military background, which he states he is not at liberty to discuss. He also states he's read more than five thousand books; with an extensive education in various disciplines from Electronic Engineering to Political Science, Anthropology, Religion, World History, etc.

He's also written a few books, not yet published, on Metaphysics/self help; and another on the atrocities of molestation, entitled "Hidden Demons." A book he would like to see as a movie since Richard has a background in acting and modeling.

Richard will divulge the experience of  how he and his ex-wife believe their daughter was abducted, and their memories erased. With some stupendous facts about the size of the universe,  as well as a little 'Dr. Richard Boylan' thrown in--Mr. Des Londes may even quote some Shakespeare!

Listen to tonight's show!

Listen Now:

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Find out if he liked the outcome of the 'pact,' or not, in this rare 'Tarot Reading On The Air'!


Listen to tonight's show!

Listen Now:

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Senator Joseph McCarthy Is Now Proven Correct In His Accusations of

'Communists in the U.S. Government'

. . . but

He Obviously Didn't Know He Was Up Against:



Grand Master Gerhardt's father, J.T. Gerhardt of Madison, WI, personally knew Senator Joe McCarthy. Growing up, G.M.G. heard much about Senator McCarthy's efforts to expose government spies and communist operators (who were deleteriously influencing U.S. foreign policy)--and how her father felt Senator McCarthy was indeed correct.

It is now a fact, due to declassified files from Russia, as well as the Venona FBI intercepts--that Senator McCarthy's accusations were valid. The only problem is that, easily seen in retrospect, McCarthy had no idea he’d ". . . be fighting against much of the Washington establishment." Which means he didn't stand a chance against--what?, Soviet 'communists' implanted in the U.S. government? Or Extra-terrestrials?

In actuality, it could possibly be as simple as: the Soviets were/are working with Extra-terrestrials, as is, most likely, our own government (a result of the 'infiltration' Senator McCarthy was battling even in the 1950s). And . . . if Extra-terrestrials intend a bid to take over the world, they would have to decimate the U.S.; however, they had already learned from WWII that Americans can't be taken from the 'outside.' Thus, the U.S. would have to be toppled from the 'inside.'

Fast Forward to the 1960s

Nikita Khrushchev

(The Shoe Banger)

Nikita Khrushchev was the Premiere (who followed Stalin) of Russia in the early 1960s. He met with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson, essentially declaring, as is restated below:

. . . Americans were being fed one small bite of communism at a time, and that over the course of several years, Americans will have accepted so many communistic ideals, including a massive and uncontrollable federal government, that one day we would wake up to discover that we are a democracy only in name--that our policies and methods of government will be communist in nature. Khrushchev concluded that it will be the slow injection of socialist/communist principles into America--not nuclear missiles--that would destroy our nation.

Read Full Article:

Thus, it was Nikita Khrushchev who stated: Communism would take over America “without firing a shot.”

Nikita Khrushchev: "We cannot expect the Americans to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of Socialism, until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism."  - Nikita Khrushchev, Premiere of the former Soviet Union

From a 1944 Norman Thomas speech: "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism," they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." "I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform."       - Norman Thomas, for many years the U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate


(Cabinet Level Testimony of Treason From Within, Censored Clip Not Tolerated on Many Sites)

But, Who Are the Real Enemies?

A Relevant Article Written By A Probable Russian:

"American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper"

Take the time to read the comments at the end of the article. They are, for the most part, well written--and very interesting. Although we cannot officially define the current U.S. state of affairs to be "Marxist" (as Carl Marx, apparently, defined Marxism as the abolition of private property in land)--there is definite tilt towards Fascism. And Fascism is a form of Socialism--which is "government ownership or control of the means of production and distribution."

Of specific note, one commentator stated ". . . Obama is more a Statist (than a communist), or is a believer in Corporatism, where the government has a hand in severely regulating Corporations, so that they are being run for 'The Good' of the State. More in line with Fascism, like what Mussolini and Hitler did with their Corporations."

. . . and do note the use of the word "slavery" in the Russian article!


The question of the hour is, of course, as Homeland Security/U.S. military ammunition is stockpiled (attested to by our guest last week, William Wallace), and bullet-proof 'facilities' are readied for use, and the $2 billion U.S. 'Spy Center' in Utah is utilized--and highways are now built with cement for the weight of tanks, and can be widened for aircraft landings--who's "slaves" are we intended to be?

Now add the 'Mind Control' in the Hollywood movies (that Senator Joe McCarthy was attempting to rout in the 50s)--along with the 'Mind Control' Grand Master Gerhardt is continually identifying. . . .  Begin truly listening to people in everyday conversation--and you will notice that not everyone is the same. Not everyone is a HUMAN.

The Skinny Little Gardener

A skinny little gardener told Grand Master Gerhardt the strangest thing a couple years ago. When she mentioned the fact Extra-terrestrials are walking amongst humans, pretending to be humans, but are hostile and destructive to humans (as she read a stupendously obvious piece of Extra-terrestrial 'emotional imbalance' off the internet); and she began wondering precisely what their purpose is . . . the skinny little gardener said: "Slaves. The purpose is to enslave the human race." Looking closely at him, G.M.G. asked: "And how do you know this?" The skinny little gardener shrunk, looking away, mumbling something to the effect he'd "heard it somewhere." No. He was likely Extra-terrestrial and G.M.G. swiftly stopped associating with him. . . .


It is Grand Master Gerhardt's opinion Extra-terrestrials plan to enslave the entire human race--after first using the U.N. to take over the U.S.--then every other human-inhabited country on this planet. . . .  Start LISTENING carefully! Some Extra-terrestrials have such a difficult time being incarnated onto this planet that they sometimes declare such oddities as: "I'm not human", or "I don't belong here."

Extra-terrestrials typically create continual chaos and upset. If you challenge them with knowing they are Extra-terrestrial, and you know of the occult subliminal tactics they use--they generally run. . . .  At heart, the majority of Extra-terrestrials are cowards.

Listen to the full episode below!

Listen Now:

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Posted in UFOs, The Iron Mountain Report, War by masteryofthemind at 1:00 am



Meet William Wallace, who lives 12 miles from the Canadian  border in Washington state. Hear his experiences of UFO fly-bys, and even abduction, in remote areas of the U.S. With physical scars defined as 'cloning strips'--he tells all on 'Mastery of the Mind'!


Find out what William Wallace overheard on radio broadcast--that a Border Patrol officer said he wasn't supposed to hear. . . .


The Iron Mountain Report: On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace

("A suppressed Government report arguing that the world would face an unparalleled catastrophe if the world ever achieved peace.")

Guest William Wallace introduced Grand Master Gerhardt to The Iron Mountain Report--a book every single person on this planet needs to read. . . .   Below are two websites that explain the contents of the report. Read the synopsis first, then watch the YouTube video.

The video is presented by a man who perhaps is not formally 'a learned man,' however, he understands the concepts exceedingly well--and presents them in a manner that allows us, in 2012, to clearly see the dynamics that are unfolding DIRECTLY IN OUR LIVES! The fact is, the 'war substitutions' are indeed being implemented. This gentleman logically and concisely presents them--with a little Christian biblical interpretation thrown in, which is well-presented.

Prepare a wonderful dinner, then some popcorn!, and sit back to watch this video! There is NO occult 'Mind Control' in it, as much of the material on the internet is laced with occult subliminal triggering--but not this video. Especially note the 'enemy substitution' statements of President Kennedy at the very beginning!  You will understand both President Kennedy's statements--as well as the current CVS Pharmacy advertisement that cautions "You vs. The Flu" after you watch this obviously homemade, but exceedingly excellent video!

The only under-developed concept in the video is the 'war substitute' of universal, mandatory Healthcare--which, at the time of the video, was being pushed by President Clinton. Currently, we can see President Obama has finalized that specific 'substitution'. . . .  (With implantable RFID chips?)

Article that explains the basic premise of The Iron Mountain Report: (be certain to read the 'war substitutions' near end of article)

Short Articles Written in 1967 About The Iron Mountain Report: (including Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith's review as Herschell McLandless--note the "landless" implication in his pseudonym!)

Read John  Leo's article, then Herschell McLandless' article (the pseudonym of John Kenneth Galbraith)--who was most likely, in Grand Master Gerhardt's opinion, an Extra-terrestrial. . . .



"In all life one should comfort the afflicted, but verily, also, one should afflict the comfortable, and especially when they are comfortably, contentedly, even happily wrong."                                                                       John Kenneth Galbraith


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Do Not Let The Fabulous Physical Appearance Of This Hollywood Actor Deceive You:


Michael Greyeyes Michael Greyeyes Pictures

The motorcycle would be, in occultism, the "Motor" Cycles of the Subconscious Mind that controls autonomic functioning of the physical body. (The 'automatic' actions of breathing, circulation, pumping of the heart, and so on. . . .)

The Premier of Eliot Feld's The American Ballet Company in 1969 in Spoleto, Italy:

In Grand Master Gerhardt's opinion, this video contains some of the most subtle occult 'Mind Control' she's ever seen. The year was 1969 . . . so the use of Kabbalistic triggers was subtle--not the more blatant programming we see currently, in 2012. Note Eliot Feld's statement at 1:19mins: "The point is, if you keep pounding on somebody--you know, you just destroy whatever "thing" they have . . . you can do that."

This is the philosophy of 'Mind Control'--most especially seen in countries where subliminal programming is broadcast over loudspeakers!  Keep hammering and eventually "You just destroy whatever 'thing' (individuality/discrimination) they have."

And what is the importance of Eliot Feld in Michael Greyeyes' propaganda of Kabbalistic 'Mind Control'? It is to be presumed Michael Greyeyes was introduced to the Jewish Kabbalah when he joined Eliot Feld's ballet company in 1990 since: "Feld was inspired by Jewish material along with the influence of Martha Graham from his studies with her."

Of course, the above statement concerns "dance"--but the real implication is that Eliot Feld was interested in Jewish culture, Jewish religion,  Jewish mysticism (The Kabbalah)? The links are there--a mere three years after joining Feld's ballet company, Michael Greyeyes (because he enthusiastically adopted the Jewish Hollywood Kabbalah?) catapulted to Hollywood, where he became a minor movie star.

Look Carefully At The Photographs Below To See Subtle Occult 'Mind Control':

Michael Greyeyes Michael Greyeyes Pictures

Notice the "SUN" in the red circle at the 3 o'clock designation (occult East?). A weekly listener of 'Mastery of the Mind', Courtney Notah, identified the cartoon figure of Mickey Mouse in the center of the circle--with a 'magickal wand' representing the central channel of the Kundalini power, Sushumna. Mickey Mouse's abdomen looks like a horizontal Figure 8, while all this seemingly innocent "Car Tune" imagery is behind Michael's left ear. (Along with the 'plant' in the background.) Note the spread legs, as well.

Michael GreyeyesMichael Greyeyes Pictures

Michael Greyeyes' ear lobes are unusually shaped naturally; however, it's obvious in the above black and white photograph that the ears were adjusted, or even sliced,  to appear "square." Recall that a 'square' in occultism means 'manifestation' in the physical dimension.

Michael Greyeyes

Notice the 'bump' on the left lowest rib above; to which the 'hand-le' of the dagger points. This is an occult representation of the 2ndary Chakra System--the "side" wound of Jesus when he was stabbed with the lance upon the cross. This 'bump' is a modern-day trigger to the subliminal mind. It means the 'bleeding' of inter-dimensional substance--and means the victim is NOT enlightened.

Therefore, analysis of the Crucifixion of Jesus from an occult perspective shows he was NOT an enlightened person when he was crucified--thus, the statement that "Jesus died for your/our sins is misinterpreted"! The occult meaning is: "Jesus, the Son of God (male aspect of the male-female unity) is no longer an active aspect of your consciousness--due to the "missing of the mark" of your consciousness." (That your Thoughts do not have 'Free Path', as described in last week's episode.) There is nothing whatsoever to imply "sin" (weak, vaccilating Thought) has a good vs. evil stigma attached to them. It simply means that your "Thought-Form" habits do not have "power" to hit their mark. . . .

And why isn't there "power" to hit the mark of your Thoughts? Because the bump/flower/"bleeding" means the "power" is leaking out of the Ether Body, rendering the 2ndary Chakra System "bleeding". Where? At the hands, feet, and "side" wounds. Identical to Jesus. . . .


Joseph Sheik Learned 'Stage Hypnosis' From Houdini's Brother!



Notice the tinge of 'Gold' paint on the rose petals. Later, a glob of 'sticky' clear glue combined with a dab of "Gold" paint was discovered on the black crushed velvet fabric of Grand Master Gerhardt's 2nd Booth--a "trigger" for the subliminal mind that was likely not intended to be noticed!

Joseph Sheik is a strolling stage magician who claims he learned stage hypnosis from Houdini's brother. He works for the Gypsy Fortune-Tellers by placing audiences/customers under hypnosis. . . .    Grand Master Gerhardt even fell prey to his hypnosis--receiving a sudden impetus to give him $20 when he came to her booth at the SwapSmart last year! (Not having a legitimate job, Mr. Sheik 'works' by extorting money from innocent victims.)  Apparently, he uses the Telepathic Message of "feeling sorry" for him, as this was the message Grand Master Gerhardt received; a complete emotional manipulation. Thus, she gave him the $20--which he has yet to repay. . . .

Realizing Joseph was using occult 'Mind Control' tactics, G.M.G. put a stop to Joseph's activities as much as possible--but, he is still influencing people through his on Facebook photograph. If you look carefully you will notice the window scene in the photograph is fake:  It looks as though he's in Greece, or some Mediterranean country, when in fact, we can easily recognize the flower and 'plant' behind him as being from Arizona.

BELOW IS THE MOVIE: Stolen Women, Captured Hearts


Michael Greyeyes

There is more occult 'Mind Control' in this movie than can be imagined. Apparently, Michael Greyeyes does not object to this type of subliminal influence in movies--nor do any of the other Hollywood actors or actresses--that is, if they even know they are participating in malevolent 'Mind Control'! It would seem to be the case that 'stars' are in the know because only the willing are chosen to be stars; and the minor actors are likely ignorant.

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*Determine your first impression before scrolling down to see the original advertisement. . . .


This coming Wednesday evening on 'Mastery of the Mind,' Grand Master Gerhardt shall conduct a 'test' of how well you are able to detect occult Mind Control. The subliminal mind literally records all stimuli not only from the five physical senses, but also inter-dimensional messaging and subconscious input. So, let's see if you pick up on the subliminal messaging in the above photograph! (Take your very first impression, which would be the subliminal impact into your subconscious mind.)

The picture happens to be from current propaganda, which many innocent Americans are falling for, simply because the general populace is not aware of occult Mind Control, or its methods and triggers. This is not, however, to imply there exists a pat wrongdoer and victim; it's more likely both sides of this propaganda are working together--the Hegelian Dialectic syndrome. The appearance of 'side/opponents' at top levels when, in actuality, all the intentionally created 'issues (including racism) are mutually agreed upon for achievement of chaos and control. The real problem being that humans have a tendency to react emotionally to stimuli--and raw emotion is animal instinctual level functioning. Thus, "survival" level behavior is engaged for international conflicts, and society increasingly 'controlled' on the home front for "protection" and "security" (two of the most powerful occult trigger words being perpetrated in Mind Control).
After making a determination as to which heritage the above photograph depicts, either write your answer in an e-mail to G.M.G.  (, or call in live to 'Mastery of the Mind' this Wednesday evening at 9:00pm at (602)277-5369--and give your opinion! Grand Master Gerhardt shall divulge the details surrounding this photograph, showing the original version with the propaganda and subtle subliminal messaging to the inner levels of consciousness.
Mind Control does not have anything whatsoever to do with race. The Mind Control indicated by the above photograph is based, in actuality, upon sound--the sounds produced by certain words. These special 'sounds,' when part of a full word, are called Words of Power in occultism. And they mean certain things to the subliminal mind. These words then become trigger stimuli to the subliminal mind (the Soul)--to create specific realities in listeners' lives. The inner levels of consciousness are accessed primarily through the eyes and the ears--sight and hearing.
So, have fun with your exercise of increasing your awareness! There are myriad sources of Mind Control in this country . . . and it's imperative Ameriucans begin to recognize when it's being used to influence their Thought-Form Habits, and thus, their choices and behavior.
The Lesson? Never take anything at face value. . . .


What Was Grand Master Gerhardt's First Impression Before Seeing the Name 'Obama'?


The 13 Trigger-Items of Occult 'Mind Control' (From the MOVIE Obama's America 2016):

These are not listed in sequence of the movie. They are listed as Grand Master Gerhardt, off the top of her head, wrote them in her diary notes on the evening of Monday, August 27, 2012. The initial word is the trigger used in the movie that had magnetized force upon it; the magnetization allowing the words to be embedded into the subliminal minds of the viewers at a 'deeper' (Theta) level of dream consciousness:

1. "Presence": The topic was of how, after the World Wars, it was not uncommon to find a picture of a missing male family 'hero' in a home; but, the missing male still had a "presence" through his photograph on a mantlepiece. *This is a combination of word trigger ("presence") layered with visual stimuli of the family "hero" (photograph). Now, note that the only photograph of the model posing as President Obama in the that actually looks African American--has the designation: facebook-TimelineHero-NowPlaying. Note the "hero" designation! This indicates that the section of the movie promoting the "Presence of the Dead Hero" has been linked to that particular photograph (of the model? or is President Obama in on this?) of President Obama, and his race: Black. And black is the color of AIN; space (the substance of the Subliminal Mind in occultism, which is represented by the black background of the Hebrew Kabbalistic 'Tree of Life'). In actuality, the implied racial issue is simply a designation of spiritual levels of consciousness! The perpetrators of this occult Mind Control are using skin colors as virtually 'un-noticed' designations of levels of consciousness; and if viewers' emotions can be riled up, all the better! They win from the emotionalism attached to the implication of racism--of which the majority of the populace viewing this occult tripe will have completely missed. . . as no one seeing these "Obama" pictures are going to recognize the additional subliminal implant of "Native" American. Indian. And who wrote the original book this movie is based upon? An Indian from India. And who produced it? A man obviously of Jewish persuasion; "From Gerald R. Molen, producer of ACADEMY AWARD WINNING BEST PICTURE SCHINDLER'S LIST."


The above photograph is an actual Mind Control picture taken when Grand Master Gerhardt was only four months old. Note the use of the pictures as subliminal triggers (as well as the black hair of G.M.G.'s grandmother), along with the "Presence" of the "military" man in the photograph. This photo depicts the identical Mind Control programming technique used in the Obama's America 2016 movie--one of many subliminal programs Grand Master Gerhardt feels were implanted into her subconscious mind by the CIA from age 4 months-9 years of age. G.M.G. has a total of 17 'Mind Control' photographs from her childhood, of which this is the first in the series.  .  .  .  The color of her grandmother's dress is that of THE DEATH card in the Tarot; blue-green. Also note the HORN (presumably a lamp, but which looks like a horn . . . so occultly speaking, this would be white "light" slowed down to "sound") placed into the woman's right ear; for subliminal messaging into the brain.

2. A visual "Light" + Sounds of "Bombing" Linked to "Presence of Missing Heroes": Bombing and catastrophe sounds (very faint) were layered onto the visual stimuli of a fuzzy (cloud?) "Light" at the top of the movie screen, passing from right to left and back again many times; while the seated speaker talked of the "Presence of the Missing Male Heroes". *This would layer more and more stimuli into the subliminal mind, linking the "Presence" of the dead hero to "war," as well as "light."

3. "Controversial" or "Confrontational": G.M.G. experienced activation of her Ether Body on the word "controversial" or "confrontational." *Note that the movie begins to present more and more "conflict"--which is triggered in due to the foundational programming that was accomplished in the beginning of the movie.

4. "Hand": Dinesh D'Souza's "hand" is held up along with, supposedly, President Obama's hand--and the colors are equated as equal! This links "black" to "red" since the subliminal implant is that Dinesh D'Souza is NATIVE American (INDIAN). *This is all a play on 'linking' of associations at the subliminal level--not on what the movie is actually showing visibly and audibly. . . .  The "hand" is also one of the most used trigger objects in occult Mind Control. It denotes duality (right vs. left/good vs. evil/real vs. unreal)--and thus, it programs at a dualistic level, which is the source of conflict at both internal and external levels. "Hand" also implies masturbation; sex magick.

The superimposed "head" of the "Indian" onto President Obama's "body" further implied they are identical--another subliminal linking of the two.

5. "Pointing": Pointing is an occult method of directing the Attention, once all the powers and forces of consciousness have been activated, to a particular trigger or program. Dinesh D'Souza, in a particular scene, is wearing a rainbow-striped shirt [activation of what G.M.G. terms the 2ndary Chakra System (of sexual force)]--and he pointed (while wearing the rainbow shirt), which would give massive power to whatever words he spoke. * The visual stimuli was so great in this scene that G.M.G. didn't catch, in only one viewing of the movie, the concomitant words. . . .

6. "Telephones": Telephones are used increasingly in the movie to represent communication--sound waves we can't see, all from wireless (cellular) telephones. *This represents telepathic communication--facilitating the input of subliminal messages.

7.  "The Fly": A small black object/dot crossed the movie screen during the section of the film that showed a bar graph (in red) of alarmingly rising national debt. The black object/dot looked like a "fly" moving from right to left across the screen. *A fly is a common occult symbol of "flying things"--thoughts (which seem to "fly" in the air)--and thus we have Beelzebub (The King of Flying Things). The black object/dot/fly moved so swiftly across the screen of the movie--that even Grand Master Gerhardt almost missed it!


This old Hermetic drawing was 'snapped' by what Grand Master Gerhardt considers an Extra-terrestrial. Do you believe "The fly landed on the page just as I snapped the photo," as is claimed in the text under the drawing? Grand Master Gerhardt doesn't believe a word of it. This is Mind Control programming . . . identical to the method used in the Obama's America 2016 movie. There is absolutely no reason given for the black object that moves across the bar graph in the movie--and it's simply not plausible that the black object/dot/fly "inadvertently" moved across the graph as they filmed the scene!

8. "Checkered" Suit Tie + Occult "WATER" Hand Position at Crotch: At the section of the movie where the financial expert spoke of President Obama's monthly national debt being equivalent to a prior president's yearly rate--the speaker placed his hands in the occult position of "Water" (an upside-down triangle) over his genitals (sex magick). In addition, his suit tie was checkered (little checks that represent computer 'programming') in rainbow colors; the sexual energy subtle body. This is significant in occult symbolism--as Grand Master Gerhardt's previous near-blind eyesight was repaired during a dream from the "re-patterning" of her subliminal mind at her forehead (frontal lobe)--all accomplished in colored little 'checks,' like a computer! The occult hand position symbolizes the element of consciousness depicting "Water" (the substance of our dreams), which embedded all the subliminal "programs" in this movie into the subconscious dream level--a level most humans are not much aware of. . . .


9. "1-Legged Man/THE HANGED MAN" in Tarot: Towards the end of the movie a scene was quickly flashed of a one-legged man; a dirty "bum" (implication of a war veteran) with one of his lower pant legs pegged up to denote a missing leg. The wording attached to the image was "Obama's America"--the prior subliminal programming of "Obama" linked to the "air" and "ka" of "Am-AIR-i-KA" . . . all occult sounds. *THE HANGED MAN in the Tarot is depicted as 1-legged; not only a cripple, but an upside-down Christ. . . .  The "Air" represents Thoughts that "fly" through the air; meaning there's "Free Path" to the subliminal implants--lack of impediment to the Thought-Form manifesting as Reality. [Which is the implication of the movie---that Americans (Am-AIR-i-CANs/Air Can) will only have Freedom if President Obama is rejected. . . .] The true subliminal meaning being: The highest aspect (God level) of a human's Self (the occult symbol of which is a Native American!) is rejected by the lower levels of consciousness (as bad/evil/Obama)--thus making it impossible to manifest miracles at conscious Will.

10. Dinesh D'Souza's "Eyes": The very final scene was of the Indian man's upper section of his face. . . his eyes (windows to the Soul) being the trigger symbol.

11. BEN-ja-min FRANK-lin's FACE in FIRE/FLAMES Linked to "Frank" the Bad Guy: Ben is a Hebrew word for the inter-dimensional beings called Beni Elohim in the Kabbalistic Sefirot of HOD. In the movie, Benjamin Franklin's face is set aflame in red Fire (Fire being one of the 4 basic elements of consciousness, along with Water, Air, and Earth). BENjamin FRANKlin was linked to President Obama's buddy, Frank So-and-so . . . this buddy supposedly being an extremist/anti-colonization instructor/author/political activist.  At occult levels, the Fire over Benjamin Franklin's face was linked to Frank the "Bad Guy"--and both linked to the Beni Elohim in the Sefirot of HOD.

12. The $ "Snake": Near the end of the movie a large snake with its mouth open was implied as . . . the result of Barack Obama's presidency? The symbol for American currency ($) appeared to warp into the snake as the speaker linked the symbol for American dollars to a huge snake (facing to the left) rising up, ready to strike and devour. . . .

13. "Story ": The word "Story" was flashed approximately in the first quarter of the movie for no apparent reason since the movie is supposedly a documentary. In Mind Control, however, the word "Story" is from the root word "Store". . .  so the subliminal command to the subconscious mind was to "store"  the magnetized words/sounds and visual triggers of Mind Control into memory. This particular "story/store" program will appear in dreams as "shopping" (in a "store"). Whatever products are presented in the "store" indicate the source of the stimuli; i.e. fragrances and perfumes indicate subliminal programming into the olfactory section of the brain. Photographs indicate programming into the visual sense of the eyes. Sound can manifest as "voices" or hearing "music" or "sounds." **The flash of the word "Story" was recalled the night after G.M.G. saw the movie. The word was flashed so quickly she did not recall it on 8/27/12 while writing her notes. Only later, when her subliminal mind flashed it up on the screen of her mind, did she recall the "Story" program.  To "store" all the programs!

Interesting Editorial Written by: Owen Gleiberman

Notice Owen Gleiberman is likely Jewish, and so he has possibly intuited the inter-dimensional dynamics embedded within the 2016: Obama's America movie--if he is not Extra-terrestrial himself. . . .  And so he nails the entire movie with the following sentence: "The battle lines being drawn for this election may not, in the end, be between “left” and “right” so much as they are between “reality” and “unreality.” "

*And so we notice, as aware occultists, the fascinating interpretation of "right" and "left"--having to do with "hands"? Or a cloud of "light" moving to and fro (right and left) above the head? A clear delineation of what is to be 'manifested' as a person's "reality"--and what is not. . . .



Pop Music Star Rihanna

Notice the ring on Rihanna's forefinger at Crown Chakra! Along with the 'square' earring.

Then notice the photograph of the "smoke" (Ether) at her mouth in the second photo!

Bill Maher's Interview of Dinesh D'Souza on HBO's "Real Time" Show:


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